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The Government of Barbados encourages businesses to contribute to the TDC through the provision of a 100% corporate income tax deduction on the amount contributed to the organisation in a given income year.

In the month of January, each contributor is forwarded a letter addressed to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue which serves as a tax certificate verifying the total amount contributed to the TDC during the previous calendar year.

“12E.1 Tourism Development Fund

(1) Where any person, in an income year, contributed an amount of money to the Tourism Development Corporation, a company incorporated under the Companies Act, then in calculating the assessable income of that person for that income year, there shall be deducted an amount equal to,

(a) 100 per cent of the actual amount contributed, or
(b) 100 per cent of three percent of his pre-tax profits for the preceding income year,

whichever is the lesser.

(2) The benefit described in subsection (1) may be granted on the certificate of the Secretary of the Tourism Development Corporation to the effect that the amount was contributed and that it was used for tourism promotion.”


As taken from the Income Tax Act, Cap. 73, section 12E.1 (as amended)